Were there on Pentecost supernatural speaking and hearing?

T. J. de Ruiter, Pentecostal Pastor  and Teacher in The Netherlands

On the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem, Acts chapter 2, occurred possibly two communicative miracles. Beside the speaking in not learned languages it seems very possible that that the Spirit of God also translated the spoken words of the apostles simultaneously in the ears of some listeners in their particular language. This theory is based on Acts 2:6, where it says that ‘that the multitude was bewildered. Because each one heard them speaking in his own language.’ It seems that that there were more than 16 different countries represented amongst the listeners.

Of one thing we can be sure: The Spirit of God has also the power to translate a language simultaneously in the native language of the listener. Let me say clearly that we cannot be absolutely certain on the basis of the brief mention in verse 6, that this really happened. What we are sure of is that the disciples of Jesus spoke in languages that they themselves did not know and could not speak. The speaking in tongues as given by the Holy Spirit is a supernatural empowerment.

The miracle of a supernatural simultaneous understanding of the Gospel being preached happened more than likely several times in the history of the Church. Read below the testimony about the preaching of the English evangelist Maggie Trutter in South Africa in 1908.

A Young woman, Maggie Trutter, born in Great Britain, was there baptised in the Spirit and became full of fire to preach the Gospel. One day, in 1908, she received an invitation to preach In Doornfontein, South Africa.

A room with 500 seats was hired and evening after evening the hall was packed. Many conversions took place and people were delivered from addictions and healed, even from serious diseases. But also mockers came and one evening she got frightened. She decided first to pray in another room. After ten minutes she returned and began to preach in English, as she always did. After some time she suddenly began to speak spoke in the language of South Africa and returned later again to English. While she was speaking some  people in the back of the hall were greatly surprised for they heard her speak in their own, African tribal language. This revival also contributed much to a great Pentecostal work, that in 1910 was organized in the still existing ‘Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa.’

If you have witnessed or have heard of such miraculous, pentecostal communicative miracles of speaking in tongues and/or hearing in a language that  was  not  spoken,  pleease  write  me on: pastor.tjderuiter@telfort.nl

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