About the crave for miracles

T. J. de Ruiter, Pentecostal Pastor, Teacher in Bible & Ministries

There is much craving for powers, signs and miracles in these days. Many believers have already developed the habit to only go to meetings to experience miracles. And, if there was no supernatural, spectacular act witnessed, then the meeting is characterized as ‘bad and boring.’

But, to be honest, there are indeed exciting and unbelievable miracles taking place. As somebody said recently: “Name it and it will happen, the most crazy things!” There are indeed testimonies of great healing miracles, with physical changes verified by medical doctors. There are even people, who had bolts and nuts put into them by surgeons, to hold some parts of their body together, but - would you believe it? - after they had received an healing touch from God the bolts and nuts were lying loose and surgeons could only take them away - amazing! Dental fillings of amalgam seemed really to have changed into gold- or silver ones! Flakes of gold were reported coming down from the sky in meetings and out of the skin of some came something described as golddust. But, regrettably, not all was real gold, silver or miraculous, so caution is needed. Please, if you think that a miracle happened, before letting the world know, have it thoroughly verified...

Recently my attention was drawn in prayer to the Biblebook Hosea, where I read in chapter 4:6, “My people is destroyed because of lack of knowledge.” It came to me with great force that it does not say: “My people is destroyed of lack of power. This scripture caused me to think about the real issues of Christian salvation in relation to Gods will for our lives and His Kingdom.

It surely is true, both scriptural and in the experience of many, that the witnessing of supernatural manifestations can bring people to repentance and faith in Christ. The shock-effects can make people think hard and deep about faith, the reality of God and their relationship with Him. This was the case in biblical times and so it is now. But, according to the Bible, more is necessary to enter the Kingdom of God than the kind of faith, that is born out of the witnessing of signs and miracles.

Most people are impressed by supernatural and spectaculair happenings and desire to see wonderful things, there is nothing wrong with that, of course not. But, this desire for the miraculous can develop into an insatiable crave for the supernatural, the sensational, and if it becomes very strong and an habit, we could name it an ‘addiction.’ Such an addiction - like all others - is dangerous and the evil one will do his best to continually feed him. If such a crave, such an addiction, is not subjected to the correction and the control of the Holy Spirit, it will eventually lead to the destruction of faith!

Consider this process: As long as miracles do take place there is faith, great faith -so people think. But that faith may only have have an emotional value or quality. If miracles cease to happen the crave is not fed and this could desillusion and disorientate the believer in his faith. It is not difficult to understand that a believer in this confused and spiritually weakened state, is going to be an easy pray for the devil. We observe that there are already many victims here and there outside churches.

I do want to emphasize that when God is doing great miracles and signs, He usually - if not always - has something special to say and to teach us. We should therefore closely watch the message that is coming to us and its meaning. It was like this in the days of Jesus and the apostles and.... so it is today. If you should have experienced or witnessed even the greatest miracles you can think of, but do not come to a faithful and dedicated following of Jesus, learning humbly and honestly to know Him and the Father in an intimate and respectful relationship -what will it avail you?

Please, consider this carefully: Witnessing Gods miracles, but not responding with changing your heart and lifestyle to that of Jesus Christ, will negatively influence Gods judgement about you - that's logical and not difficult to understand I would say!

If you have been a witness of Gods loving, healing and saving miracle working power, then, please, pray this prayer:

"Lord, thank You for showing me your great power to heal and restore. Thank you for Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Saviour. I thank You for the greatest gift of forgiveness of my sins and eternal life. Help me by your Spirit to change my heart and lifestyle to that of  Jesus, and become a true follower of Jesus and a real child of You, my God. Amen."

8 April 2000, The Netherlands

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