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New on 29th of April 2013 The Bride of the Lamb
New on 27th June 2012
Europe, return to God
New on 7th May 2012 Texts and their Interpretation and Application
Predicting the rapture and the judgement Jesus did not return on 21 May 2011
Judgments or calls?: Are nature disasters divine judgments or calls?
The last war: The last war under leadership from the East
January 2011: Dreams and visions
September 2010: The Life of Jesus Christ
Fifty Years (1960-2010: Fifty Years of Ministry of Teun J. de Ruiter (1960-2010)
  Power through the Baptism with the Holy Spirit (Dynamic Christian Teaching)
God's old promises to Israel about her land
God watched over His Prophetic Word concerning Babel
 Signs of the last days and the return of the Lord
Global Pastoral Message: "For God so loved the world"
Conscious existence after death confirmed through a person that was dead for 48 hours
.... Only in Dutch: Lees dagelijks (Read Daily)  'Woord voor De dag' (Word for the Day)

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